Sportfin is offering highly professional services in the world of international insurance, finances and private banking.

The co-founder of Sportfin, Martin Lébl is at the same time senior partner in company Alliancepartnership, which is a leading company in the international financial industry. Web:

Alliancepartnership is registered for European business in Czech Republic as insurance intermediary and investment broker under the number 078159PA.

Alliancepartnership under the lead of Mr.Lebl as head of Dubai office,become official broker for Czech Business Council in Dubai to help companies with health and life insurance.

Last researches shows just how important is the question of finacial knowledge within professional sports people.Just to give one number: more than 60% of NBA players or bancrupt within 5 years from retirement.

Sportfin mission is not only to follow the client as their agents, but also prepare the athlete for the life after the professional carrier, when the salary drops and the need to maintain the lifestyle is enormouse.

In order to do so, the responsible approach to the savings during the carrier is essential.

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